Hi! This is website is all about the amazing NICK EDELS, who lives in Keough Hall and spends his free time being ~smooth~ with the ladies.

Nick in his prime.

For more fun information about Nick Edels, please click the link: Chess Fun ;).

Wondering what Nick has been up to since getting to Notre Dame? I listed it out for you!

Nick Edels Strength Chart

Strength 7 Definitely stronger than me, but I’m getting swole so he better watch out.
Endurance 8 Nick runs long distances because he is trying to lose weight. Go Nick!
Defense 3 Any hit makes his glasses fly away, which does not bode well for defensive purposes.
Agility 5 Too long to be agile.
Intelligence 10 One word: NERDDD!
Charisma 10 As previously stated, he literally cannot walk through campus without running into a billion people.
Wisdom 6 He likes to annoy me on purpose, which I think is not very wise.
Willpower 8 It takes a lot of willpower to grow so lengthy.
Perception 3 Loses his ID card every weekend.
Luck 7 He’s not unlucky, but when he wants something, he doesn’t need luck to get it.